Hello World - First Blog Post

Posted on August 6, 2021

Hi all!

I'm Mohamed 👋🏼 . I'm a software engineer who loves coding and learning about new tech. I have a few years of professional experience primarily in C#/ .NET and JavaScript. I also learned Python on the side out of interest.

I've been pushing off blogging for quite a while. This is sort of a personal exercise to push myself in the realm of technical writing.

My goals for blogging are:

  • Reinforcing my knowledge
  • Pushing myself to learn enough to be able to explain things to others
  • Helping others by sharing useful information that I've learned
  • Gaining useful feedback from the community
  • Building an archive of posts I can reference when I need to remember something

Please let me know if you find my posts useful! I'm excited to start sharing my work to the world and potentially making a few friends along the way.